About Us

How we got our name:

Our last name (Odekirk) is pronounced as though it were ‘O. D. Kirk’. Bill’s father, was known all his life as Ode, pronounced O. D.. In honor of his father, Bill named his business after him.

Our Products:

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Everything we sell is either patented or designed by us. If any competitor is selling a like product, we were first.

We claim to have installed the world’s longest gutter

Our Gutter Installing Company

In the late 1960’s I started an installing company which I called ‘STARBURST ENTERPRISES’. We worked it for thirty years until our patents and inventions were able to support us as ODE PRODUCTS.

We won a bid on a Burlington Northern freight warehouse in the industrial part of Seattle. We installed the gutter in one 920 foot piece. With the gutter machine on a scissors lift we ran the gutter out on the roof. It was so heavy it took three men pulling as the machine ran it out. We worked it over the edge every twenty feet then went back and put hangers that were free to slide three inches either direction, every two feet.